Stop SOPA!

The plugin adds small protest box to your website. By default it’s collapsed, but once clicked, the box appears.
On settings page you can specify the position of the protest box: either at the right bottom corner or at the middle right side. You also can turn on “Blackout Day” option. In this case website will show black screen like below and return 503 status (no problems with search engines) on 18th January 2012, 8:00AM – 8:00PM (server time):

By activating the plugin on our WordPress websites we are protesting against of SOPA.

I already done that (see at right side).

Link to download: Stop SOPA!

  1. Any way of pushing this to the side? IE: the right side of my site. Its effecting my bottom toolbar

    • Hi Ross. I will update the plugin and let you know.

    • Hi Ross. I’ve added settings page where you can choose to display protest box either at bottom right corner or at middle right side (like you see on my website now). The new version is 1.01. It will be available at WordPress plugin repository within several minutes.


  3. STOP SOPA, It will ruin the internet!

  4. Nice idea, but there are two typos: “we’e” is missing the “v” and “We are against of SOPA” doesn’t make much sense. Otherwise, great idea.

    • Hi Roxanne. Thanks for notifying me about typos. I’ve fixed them in version 1.04. It will be available in WP repositary shortly.

  5. Hay man! :grin:
    Any way you can make it clickabal (Link) so the visitors can o the official page fore stopping SOPA?

    On the banner and the back screen?

  6. hey, its 9AM on my server on the 18th and it doesn’t appear to be working .. i see the right widget but thats about it

  7. I can’t see the widget on iphone or ipad. Can you tell me why? Thanks.

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